Eddie Adams Workshop Assignment

This weekend was the Eddie Adams workshop where I met 99  cool, young photographers and was able to talk about the photography industry with many photo editors and professional photographers.  

We were split up into teams (I was on the Red Team) where we all had to photograph different assignments.  My group's topic was 'location portraiture'.  My team members were sent to locations with interesting looking people but I was sent to a different kind of location.  My team leaders knew that I already had experience in portraiture so they decided to throw a curveball and sent me to the local Alpaca farm.

I present to you the collaboration between Osumi Photography and Imagine Alpacas.

Shoutout to my awesome leaders from my group! 
Leader: Wayne Lawrence (http://waynelawrenceonline.com/)
Producer: Kirsten Luce (http://www.kirstenluce.com/)
Editor: Patrick Witty (https://instagram.com/patrickwitty/)
Digital Tech: Bob Houlihan (http://visualmediaone.com/Faculty_A-J/Bob_Houlihan.html)