Mayfest 2015

Recently, i've struggled with the idea that images made with the modern digital camera are not actually real until they are printed.  The images we see on the screen are just bits of information put together so we can have an example of what we will see as a print.  This thinking inspired me to photograph Mayfest 2015 on film.

For those unfamiliar, Mayfest is a giant campus wide party where everyone is out and about in the Euclid neighborhood and Walnut park area.  It is a time where students consume a copious amount of alcohol and the Syracuse police is out in full force ensuring everyone's safety.  

On the eve of finals week, my fellow students went out, drank, froze and danced away a semester's worth of stress. In the following images, I invite you to join me in celebrating one of the most exciting days of the year at Syracuse University.